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About us

Image by Flickr/Cia de Foto

My wife, Péter Elvira and I, Földi Lajos, and the HU-PI Construction Ltd founded it in the spring of 1998.

Unfortunately we would not have had any children naturally, that is why we took part in the IVF Test tube baby programme. On the 17th of January, 1997 our beautiful and healthy triplets were born to our great delight.

We know it from our own experience that medical treatment and the costs of travelling can overburden the family budget and can consume the results of a whole life’s work. That is why we have decided to help others in some way.

It is our aim to help other Hungarian childless married couples who can not have any offspring in a natural way.

The functioning of the Foundation:

Our foundation functions as a public utility one. In the beginning it worked with the co -oproduction of the Jáhn Ferenc Hospital of South Pest, but as we have received lots of letters and requests from all parts of Hungary we have extended our activities over the whole country.

The members of the Foundation who besides processing the letters and organizing events do everything else as well perform their helping work voluntarily in their free time.

The form of support:

We give support to the medical treatment in the form of pharmaceuticals.

Further information is given here on the circumstances of support.

The financial sources of the Foundation:

When we were looking for sponsors, supporters, associates and promotion facilities we thought of some kind of freetime activity that can move a lot of people and is a popular sport.

We decided on football as it is a spectacular game that is easily understandable. It was in 1998 that we organised a five-men football championship for the first time in order to raise a fund for help.

The majority of the income of the Foundation came from the entry fees of the teams that took part in it.

You can see photos of the championship in the gallery.

We look forward to getting support from all of you who want to help in any way!

In March 2001 the very first baby was born to whose birth our Foundation was able to give some contribution.
What we are proud of is that we were able to help 52 couples until the end of 2016.


Private persons can help childless married couples through the Foundation by disposing 1% of their incom tax to the good cause.

If you can give help to make our Foundation function and contibute in reaching our aim in any way we look forward to your volunteering!

I would like to thank you for having read our introduction in the name of the helpers and members of the Foundation and those of the many married couples hoping for children.

Yours faithfully,

Lajos Földi

(founder and contact person)